Marking A New Shift

Sorties of A Struggling Artist

That would be the title of an upcoming visual manuscript, if ever....
   Once again I was thinking of creating another art journal. I've lost count already what I have with me... 14 or 15 unfinished manuscripts? All of those stuff were financially draining, for purpose I am not certain yet if it is worth the trouble.
   Clearing my mind would be the task I wish for myself in the aftermath of what might have been my big break. Although ahead there are promises...even grander hope.... most changes are often painful. 
   I woke up early today (April 12) cleaning my studio or just a tiny space in the kitchen. I have to do myself a favor.... 
We can be crucified between two thieves:
Regrets of the Past and Fear of the Future.

This below was my direct reaction during the aftermath of Art 55...the sketch underneath has so many detail but I was lead to an automatism of the heartache and disappointment...of the moment. 

Photo: Hayyyy! Isang araw na naman ang lilipas, at ni hindi ko man lang na gamit ang napag-aralan ko sa Algebra.

Good day....
   It was so painful, and there was no one to cling to...even Bella don't understand this stuff. Yet again, I must run the race and carry the torch. The light bearer is tired and his hands now shakes....


   Once again, while I was thinking of creating something else.....this resolution came...the escape to turn out to be admired, even by Maestro Bueno Silva. 




Photo: warm up


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