The Art 55 Exhibit in Cabanatuan City. This is it !!!

A month ago it was just a casual chit-chat between me and Sir Fredi... Now the day had arrived. From the Ingress on April 3 until the day was an extra-ordinary blast because like what everybody estimated, it was perhaps the biggest gallery now in the Philippines. 

There were even works from the Masters like Manansala, Angkiukok, Joya, Malang, Cacnio, Ben Cab, among others courtesy of Robbie Rector. Honestly at first it was such a great honor to have your artwork side by side with them but when we learn that this work was for sale, I was a little off balance. Anyway, Sir Fred might have excite himself on this part but we understand this part. It is his birthday any way and we need to attract more patron for the venue. 

It was almost surreal when the opening day arrive... like any other show, there were unforeseen glitches but they were tolerable. 

Cabanatuan City Mayor Jay Vergara cut the ribbon and on this pic below his speech and send off...

My last on-the-spot composition before leaving....

For now, there would be no talk about the issue of forge works...I have chosen to move on but will surely reflect on these matter later on. While some people have chosen to remain bitter; I would rather enjoy the benefit of these opportunities. There will be more bonus up ahead. 


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