Diary of a Struggling Artist

I was really contemplating very seriously to call this blog as "Diary of a Struggling Artist" because when you're already at your mid-forties you should have at least established yourself in the market. None of those things had happened yet although I was considered as one of the respected artist via the not so small circle of social media. Perhaps, this blog would be more interesting if I narrate on that aspect of my life instead of telling you just the evolution of my Artistry.
    After I fully decided to be a self-employed artisan nearly five years now I come to realized that this path I've chosen had many loopholes to consider...and perhaps, I was foolish to jump into the bandwagon ill-equipped. 

   The Art of realizationism perhaps had lost it sting on my ears or to the public but I am not saying that it is irrelevant now...or I should say my authority to speak the matter about Realizationism is questionable at the moment. Starting another blog isn't an option since I don't have the time to launch another time consuming activity after having what? Five or Six other blogs plus a dozen more of other social media account. 

   Well, for this New Year I had big projects at hand, it might help you see how it would get along. So today from The Art of Realizationism this blog becomes Diary of a Struggling Artist. 


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