Are We In Random Thought Again

Been into impressionism, coffee art, joining Master's Challenge at 4S, even face painting job and everything else lately. Yet this is not the true essence of my art. As I've said before, that I always wanted to tell stories or let us say in simple terms; create works that I truly enjoy and feel that sense of fulfillment. 

Wanting to be me...
   For this year, hopefully I would create more Realization Art. For starter this is my first Realizationism (photos). 
   When it comes to my art, I don't like to be mandated on what to paint. I don't care about the dictates of the market scene. I just paint what I love to paint. As I've said, I'm random and sporadic...I express whatever I feel at the most of the time I go into one sitting when I paint. The following day would be a different feeling so if I continue a WIP there is a tendency to change course. 
   Now I have to juggle between my art groups, commission or services, and Realizationism. 

Here I have to reinvent myself into something I've learned and used from the past. While there is no rules in art here is a specific standard to follow or vice versa whatever that means. 

2nd Day...I was dissatisfied with the paint I've bought, the white base for acrylic was too thin and powdery when applied.  

So I have to stop...


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