What happen to After Image 8.2 now?

where is After Image now? 
   I think I made that promise to update my readers on this visual manuscripts...well I am but I guess it was not made clear. Since lately I've been making more concise and organized blogging by re-mastering my blogs, I think its about time to put you back on track what has become to this online visual book-making experience.
   Let me see, where did I stopped? The latest post with the label After Image was Answered Prayer via Coincidences  in August. There are three images on it that you can find on this book...

Altered Peace (pp.17)
Lost in Translations (pp.14)

   If you notice there were skips on the pages, that's how I work sometimes...I let go of a certain work if I feel I have another idea popping on my head. Well, sometimes I have to redirect my thoughts if I feel the work is going nowhere or bound to fail. That does not mean either that I will not continue the piece, it will have to undergo a process all over again, not necessarily on the same direction as the original intent. That is to resolved the mistake or lost mood in finishing the projects.
   Sometimes the page will remain untouched for a time until I decide what to do with it...and by the way I also pre-plan on a piece, meaning I add in advance detail I want for that upcoming work.
   I do not want to bask on wasted energies nor waste energy so I keep all my work even if they are not satisfactory on my standard...that is the basic motto of Realizationism-- to solve and re-solve an experience. 
   There are cases too that I have to totally remove a page if I feel it has not serve its purpose or it will be better somewhere else...like this sketch of Heidi Riego below that I decided to pull out for future framing and presentations. 
   A piece that might go with the same fate like the said portrait, is a work that can be found on page 6 and it is The Naked Truth; which is also followed by an untitled landscape on page 7. Both work seems asking me to be pulled out and frame...Oh this remind me also of a Self-Portrait (at the end of the day) which is out on sale.
   Still needing additional item on it's right side is this sketch using a violet color pencil...what right word to share or another image? Time can tell. 
   Nineteen pages reach at this time (with those pages in-between that was not yet done or decided...) The last one is "Poetic intentions" which I have executed in the manner I use to employ around 10 years ago. I will discuss this style on future blog...

Poetic Intentions (pp.19)

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