Updating myself

We have to make clear some latest changes that occurred between my two visual journals that I have inter-changeably misrepresented from previous blogs. These two manuscripts are undergoing a total make over they are Stolen Moment and A Whisper to a scream. In fact, this two books came from many changes they are now called Stolen Moment 7.4 and A Whisper to a Scream 6.4…that means both had undergone 4 editing. These are important since I am finalizing my collections and hopefully won’t make anymore reconstructions or total overhauling. I have very little time left…
   Still, the aim of Stolen…is the instant images sprouting from my pulse while Whisper…is more on my literary directions. As I’ve said before, all my manuscripts were actually a constellation of work reflecting my personal experiences and reactions. Thus, it is irrelevant whether certain item actually belong here or there…the important thing is that they are real.  Both collections will be further scrutinized for finalizations. The rest of the manuscripts will remain as it is…I hope.
   On this note, I would like to announce that I just started another visual manuscript—untitled yet but the aim is for exhibitions or to be distributed. Aside from that being the 9th I also have another project hanging on my head that I cannot squeal at this time, just in case someone robs the idea.
   I will keep you posted in the near future and in the meantime I’m going to be very busy with these entire goals I am setting for myself. I needed this….
   Here are the covers…

Ooops I have no cover for A Whisper to a Scream at this time...

   By the way some blogs too became almost identical especially with regards to my arts and faith…now maybe I should resolve this issue too for easier life on me. 
   At this stage...of life...I feel I have to make some clear road maps. I mean most of my visual journals/manuscripts might just end up to where they came...to junk. Nothing is ever too late...and I will have to make some final pasting and wrapped-up some book to be dispatch. They can't just stay on my cabinet and rot...they have to travel the world. 
   On days to come...err one of this very few days...you'll see at least 2 VM on the scene for exhibitions. I better stop loving my work so much and let go of them... 


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