Summon those inspiration

Applying what I've been discussing on this blog I made these two featured portraits to achieved the state of inspiration....

detail from After Image 8.3 (pp.16)
 Like what God experience after He worked for 6 days and made the Sabbath and enjoyed His own creation I also said "It is good." and then I wrote a blog on in on Wisdom of a Fool with this following words:

Since yesterday I've been trying to get inspired...I did not waited but created my inspirations. I pick a color pencil  and chose this time the manuscript "Stolen Moment" make as an ignition work as usual. Yes, these are what I called ignition pieces or I can build up a confidence or to be exact summoning enough energy to paint a thematic work.   The usual process start with a couple of doodles and then sketch process until images are form...but it does not always appear as I wanted too...there are times when frustrations hit me. But I always, no I mean never discard them totally since they will still provide source for future explorations...Why portrait of women? It's the easiest connection I can do at this moment...but it is not always the case, I also browse and add items on my visual diaries for boost...often simultaneously....

   I think in a few hours or day I will have new inspiration coming. A painting worth sharing.


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