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The goal I had in mind when I started my 7th visual manuscripts was to have it as a moment by moment sketch or the within reach journal that I can utilize to let the feeling of certain moment happen via visual manipulation...That is whatever instrument I had in my hand will be use to express on this collections. Most cases would probably be ballpen doodle and of course it will have plenty of letters. Having more talk than visuals would be the difference among my other Visual manuscripts.
   The journal would be focus more on the self-healing process than citations of my world views and social commentaries. The preface below will help explain the causes: 

Ever since I started my indulgence to create visual journals had been a love-hate relationship. The shifting mood often leads to re-creations of the whole manuscripts into new sets of collections and even completes dismantling of the package.   I can’t account anymore how many manuscripts I have renovated or how many beginnings I have started. Although most manuscripts are either lost or mishandle, there is (are) still my tendency to rebuild when urges arises. In fact, this collection (or directions) had been formed from around a dozen books eventually dissolved into another resolution.   The temporal qualities of this (these) journals perhaps also reflect my greatest challenge (or struggles) to create a perfect collection that will echo my inner-thoughts.   What are my thoughts?   Realizationism evolves that is certain. Ever since I launch my quest to search my self I have never rested in looking for answers.   Maybe somewhere among these manuals I will re-discover the enlightenment.
   So not everything would be reveal on this blog since it is more personal and the collection that I intend to keep for myself alone.

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