After Image 8.2, Studies and Stretching

 I don't recall the last landscape or even seascape that I painted, if ever there is; it would be the usual school projects. I'm disinterested in painting landscapes, it's not that I don't appreciate fact I was always awestruck seeing one. It is just not my forte...I prefer to go into details...close up images of the common things. Things that are abundant only inside my own space. That is perhaps my introversion and the usual choice of isolation.  
   I had a model here as basis...I'm not including the picture so that I will not give injustice to the original...anyway, I don't intend to copy its every strokes; I remember what Ray Albano said "Avoid copying the works of others, if you do, you have to at least be as good or a lot better." Therefore, I will go beyond the copying which I know can't even level myself but instead will express what I can.
   Sun ray casting its invisible light has always baffled those great nature artist achieved them flawlessly.  
   I should give credit for my wife also on this one because she was the one who pushes me to paint landscape...Now, as I move along contemplating and internalizing a possible  new realization I will probably do more of this type. 

   Completeness happened when you are doing your core gifts and when reaching some higher least for the time being making some continue sharpening the saw as advised by Masters I went into another study mode...this time on color-pencil. Choosing violet to sketch with an aim in mind to presents light being defuse yet not sacrificing detail.This is not being timid in approaching difficult situations and plunging into the unknown but making careful calculations base on previous experiences. Some lines are intentionally stress to give it a more pronounce outcome when it reaches our vision and to draw some point if interest. After the drawing has been done I feel satisfied...
   Now I had my idea for a self-portrait...   


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