Beyond the Material World

Recently you might have notice that my post was about psychic ability or more on the supernatural....something that has almost become a taboo for most sincere Christians. As I have shunned too any of these metaphysical phenomenon and principle because of its relationship to devil worshiper or the more senile version new age thinkers. Well, there is indeed some truth in it...but only because the devil has always been there to deceive and to keep us away from our true nature. The Supernatural has always been our world...the battle has always been about unseen forces...and they want that forces to remain hidden.  

   We are told not to lean on our own understanding and have total faith in Jesus by way of surrendering even our own logic thru faith. So what then is trusting in Him? 
   What does it really mean? Are we also told to be more discerning and to test every spirits? Total surrender to a voice within...if we are truly connected. 
   First, we are made in the image of God. Creative.  That capacity to envision  
  That aspect of being a Spiritual creature, made me think...and thinking common sense...isn't it something that we must understand and analyze further? If God is a Spirit then we too are spirit beings? 
   That analogy I've made on water having different state of form...from turning to gaseous vapor...I think people are forgetting something and that we are water base also...which is in fact, on the sub-atomic level are invisible vibrating powerful microscope has seen that...those globe like neuron and electrons are just assumptions anyway...just like Earth. 

These are where we are heading after grow, to be worthy of a life eternal. We will soon shed off this cocoon of material existence.  


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