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wip detail for Maid in Eden 5
My mind was filled with fragmented uncertainties accept the role, which I am already traveling on, as this journey that already begun since I return in the Art making scene. 

Better be blogging again...just a thought, even if we had very few audience share here. Someone gotta do record of something. History are tainted with altered event. Miscommunication, misinterpretations, widespread anomalies on media report. You can't trust anything but yourself. You know yourself. Even if others may claim that, alternative news, journal, or historical source such as these can't be trusted as it may render info as bias and filled with assumptions, well at least you get various sources that give details of moment from another angle or perspective to compare.That's how this blog might help you compare notes and opinion. There can't be monopoly of knowledge and let the people have the freedom to discuss even taboo. The freedom and transparencies of information.

I've been doing these Maid in Eden series, without really intent that a discovery in line with these will come my way. The road back to the Mountains of the far-east. 

So many things I know that I should have told you along these absence in logging entries. Ups and Downs, are those mirrors of success coupled with those struggles. Still trying to break myself inside. 
wip for Maid in Eden 6

Maybe this blog would do good or be useful resource one day....for the immediate future which is actually today... there are things going on around us and nobody speak, or rather very few people actually spoke of it....Stories that doesn't reach the trending board. There has really been an increase of knowledge as the bible spoke, and it doesn't mean 

Truth is marginalized. The mainstream publicizes  the narrative of the global agenda, nearly nothing on basic Biblical truth. We are saturated with empty deception, elementary principle of the world, materialism, commercialism, and sanitized fact. The general public are so naive and easily dismissed the notion that there might be a group of evil people organizing to deceive the commoners.  

To proved that there are intentional maneuvering of our history, I've written a latest research of my own about corruption of our ancient past narratives with regards to our supposedly pre-colonial form of writing called Baybayin. Actually, I didn't know I would get to that  revelation which started from a mere suspicion that the script was too modern to a very sinister cover-up. Check the blog Baybayin, the script of the Bahala Na religion? to understand what I am saying.  

Those who challenge the truth are often called crazy and idiots. What's wrong for bringing into attention something that a person considered false? Wouldn't it be much better that we would all be enlighten and help each other...having the patience to tell the truth. Remove hatred, it is all in the mind. Why would you hate someone so much for thinking and speaking out his thoughts?  

At least, there was this article from our mural in ParaƱaque. 

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There are times that I feel almost giving up.... I'm no longer interested doing projects or be under any obligation to commission anything. Shoulders aching and the pain jolts as if it would about to tare and be dislocated that I can't sometimes move in the morning. Must have been the idle life, only arms moving, and I get tired easily catching my breath in long walk and my legs and knees and feet would hurt enormously even if I'm stationary. 

That long walk seeing heroes along the ways. The complainer and the dreamer. Those who instantly judge by looks. 2 kilometers walk. The Luneta park where Rizal died. Trusting those buck which aren't in my pocket yet and what do I have in mind to imagine that I would be far greater than anyone. Not even making in top 100. That was devastating on my ego. Even ridiculous stuff done by kids were tagged. At least, they can brag.... nothing. What a jinx. Things don't add up sometimes. 

No song coming out. The heroes fading away....the dream. The inspired can not be inspired. 


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