In The Beginning was The Word

Image may contain: one or more peopleFor quite some time I have not really taken serious blogging on any of my blog sites being too busy in my career as a "serious" Freelance artist. Also the fact that my internet connectivity can really be at certain point I lost the interest to update my followers here. Well, enough with the excuses, detours, and alibis anyway, I am here again to simply share with you my recent discoveries and why my Artworks have greatly improve. If you had been following my timeline on Facebook, you would know what I mean.
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Well, I've already told you about how the Verdaccio method had helped me a lot in my painting skills but this time it was the add-ons or rather the inner-core of the Software that I've just upgraded in my systems. It is nothing really New, you've heard it before so this might be just a reminder to some or reinstatement of  something very Essential but often times taken for granted. 

The Power of Words

Sometime ago on my Blog "The Wisdom of a Fool" I've tackle the secret codes behind Logos or to be specific Company Logos. There are very much truth in it but actually now I see or really understood why it's been said that "Truth are stranger that Fiction...." and the symbols really mean a LOT. Further and Stranger than what I have wrote on that blog. 

The power of Subtle words are greatly maligned but come to think of it The Holy Scriptures identify God himself and Yeshua/Jesus the Son of God as The Word, and in other transliteration as The Verbo, The Logos, or in Filipino Ang Salita....

Well, that wouldn't be my concern on this article for now but if they are Using our word against us then perhaps it would be of great importance to share with you the unraveling of the "Matrix" or decoded messages hidden on plain sights. 
My focus here would be how this knowledge of Word reclassification or identification can actually be used practically on your art improvement. 

First defining word or words as they really are help us focus in "Truth" on how it is being utilized in our Vocabularies because there are Wizards or so-called EXperts are everywhere who cast "spell" on unaware people. 
Perts definition, a management method of controlling and analyzing a system or program using periodic time and money reports, often computer generated, ... 

And the Word dwelt among us

The Great Reveal which are Happening now shall be part of my Art from now on...a revival of what I actually started before... Realizationism. After nearly finding no hope or purpose for my art than just construct them aesthetically, I am once again pointed to this path as an artist.
Defining words, looking them up again on dictionaries, what they truly mean has helped me a lot to expand my thoughts and be Truly AWARE of what's behind everything we see around us.
There are a lot of crazy stuff that I would be expounding but please bear with me from this day forward....if not on this blog then on my artworks.
Once we understand the mechanics on how Words or messages are formed we will see clearer picture of the world around us. And it is plain and plane Flat. ☺ 


The intentional defaming of Words amazing potentials must have rooted from the imposition of force ignorance thru sanitized Education system or the arrogance of considered "Experts" who claimed everything can be solved by Mathematical equation via Scientific methods. 


I've been discussing about this Simplicity for quite sometime now and how we don't really need too much Knowledge but very simple innate COMMON SENSE. It has been written in our hearts from the very beginning of time. What was it? The ability to distinguished Right and Wrong. 
But your Education or rather Indoctrination has taught you that it's not Simple. No life is Complex indeed. Because we can create complex things but actually in very simple mechanics. That's what you call Miracles. 
Science love to define every single details and unravel millisecond details up to the sub-atomic level by using Mathematical blabbing but really those were just mere hypothesis...none of them were ever proven nor can be proven. Despite the so-called Advancement of science and technologies....

This blog isn't expecting to be popular anymore but hoping that it would reach those who truly Love and Seek the Truth. 

My Art are Mental Exercises for you to piece together the Broken fragment to unravel the matrix of Life. 


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