LAST 10 minutes of your Life is

Whether you believe in God or not, All the things that will ENTER your mind during the LAST 10 minutes of your Life is the True meaning of Life. 

"Is there Life after death?"

"Have I given enough Love to everyone, especially my family?"
"Am I going to heaven?"
Because All of us, I believe will have DOUBT about the Life we HAD lived during those Last moment. Everything will be about the REAL things we CARE about....our SELF and those we LOVE.
Everything will be about Loving yourself and others....(even if you don't believe in God) because during that last 10 minutes you aren't even sure you will be Resurrected. 
Pause and Think on those for a moment.
That is exactly the Meaning of the 11th Commandment of Christ, . that WE SHOULD LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE HAS LOVE US. It was the most PERFECT DEPARTURE order from Jesus Himself before He was crucified. 
There will be NO room for your mind to think about Success and Failures.You will not think about your Religion or non-religion.You will Never Think about "How successful you are", "How many Goals have you reach"... Those Last Moment will be about Loving fact, God's judgment will not even require you to believe in Him during that final moment....
All He will ask (condemnation that will occur during death)...The one question is "How was your RELATIONSHIP with others?" 
By the way, those were the questioned that I have in mind during my Near-Death Experiences.....Glory to God.


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