The Election That Could Change The Scenario

wip for commission... 

I think we truly need to brace ourselves after the result of this May 9 election.... I sense really something very wrong and the people are not fully aware to what's going...

I believe that Duterte is being used by the powers-that-be to start a revolution. Washington DC is manipulating all this through the CIA. And the CIA controls both sides of the fence involving politics in the Philippines. They are masters of deception, death and destruction.
The CIA instigated and funded EDSA Revolution and all the other BS (meaning bullshit) revolutions in the Philippines after that. Now in 2016, if the US wants a revolution, the US gets a revolution. It's as simple as that. Just pray to all the heavens god sends a genuine pacifist that is capable of tipping the balance between good and evil.-- Marlene Aguilar

There's only one opinion that matters...and that is your own opinion.
Be thankful you grew up in a country where you can voice opinion. So don't shut others mouth when they exercise that freedom.


as of this moment Duterte is leading by the millions...the only think I'm truly thankful is that Bro. Joel Villanueva is on very Top of the List for Senatorial hopefuls. God Bless us. and let's all hope this change is truly for the better. 


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