Re-Painting My Life

I need to reset my self..perhaps there is something wrong in my frame of mind... I have to re-affirm my values...lately, I've been full of angst and self-righteous posting...and perhaps too quick to criticize....
   The problem with me is that I care too much.

This list I've found somewhere, I painstakingly wrote it to get them into my system....hopefully. 
1. Strive to become a better person
2. Marry the love of your life
3. Stand up for your beliefs
4. Remain rich in moral character
5. Cherish freedom
6. Enjoy quality family time
7. Feel comfortable being you
8. Make a difference in others lives
9. Follow your own advice
10. Build win-win relationships
11. Strive to become a better person
12. Make memories
13. Be a trusted friend
14. remain honest with yourself
15. Enjoy a passion for life
16. Say yes because you want to
17. Raise good kids
18. Live with honor
19. Make others feel special
20. Have faith in something greater than yourself
21. Live within your means
22. Do things for the right reasons
23. Earn the respect of your peers
24. Enjoy being guilt-free
25. Have a small bucket list
26. Work hard and achieve your goals
27. Have a sense of purpose
28. Think the grass is greener on your side
29. See the good in others
30. Feel proud of your achievements
31. Beat the odds
32. Form your own opinions
33. Receive a clean bill of health
34. Have few regrets
35. Be happy for the success of others
36. Feel comfortable being alone.
37. Give thanks for the little things
38. Enjoy worry-free days
39. Celebrate many anniversaries
40. Receive success with humility and grace
41. Be a positive role model
42. Live in the present
43. Believe
44. Maintain self-respect
45. Bring out the best in others
46. Build close friendships
47. Fulfill your potentials
48. Help those in need
49. Remain self-reliant
50. Give more than you take
51. Go to bed with a clear conscience
My wife requested number 2 to be deleted. ☺ Hahahaha

In general, Artist are peaceful people...they argue a lot but they don't fight. They criticize because they cared. Harmony is a virtue sacred to them, but if you disturb that harmony; better hide because they are Passionate in whatever they focus into...better get out of that focus.

More often my shadows are not Gray nor Black , usually it is the darker shades or the tone higher than the surface where the shadows fell. 

Try to observe those accidental mixing of colors at the edges and in-between of your mixing plate....these unintentional mix can be very helpful shading references....

by the way, this is the re-painted version of "The Gift" (version 1.2) oil on canvas...


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