I stand for my conviction and not all artist may share my views. 

I have to be frank, so Newbies wont get frustrated in the end...
There are those who actually PM me wanting to Exhibit their work. A lot of them. But wait, where's your artwork? You are not doing art work and you want to enter the art scene?
First, build strong collections of artwork. I must tell you, you will experience a lot of disappointment along the way...it's a lonely road....are you ready for it? 
Some of you have pleasing personality, and the truth is you are prone to exploitation this way. They will give you False hopes. It's a reality in this industry...
The best thing I can advise is be a Hobbyist first...come back another day.... 

I had too many battle scar to show you...and I'm not even a veteran yet. God bless the Artist who never gave up but not too desperate to exchange morality for fame!

Maybe the passion is there but it's not your destiny.

Not all who can sing becomes a Singer.

Honestly, it's not always the artwork that matters but the artist.

The majority may always give favor to technicality but he who has captured the emotions will always be remembered.
And that is why, all is fair in Art . 


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