The Personal and Universal Aspect

Uncertainty and the unknown is the field of all possibilities or pure potential. It is ever fresh, ever new, always open to the creation of new manifestations. It is the realm of pure creativity and freedom. When you are attached, your intention gets locked into a rigid mindset and you lose the fluidity, the flexibility, and the spontaneity inherent in the field of pure potential.

 I am on my own is a miracle in itself. I'm coming to a realization that just to be in the moment...feel the essences of need to rely on my own mental state alone...there is a God who knew better. He created me so He knew what is best for me.... 

Realize that there is an infinite intelligence working alongside your own and it is the one that can bring you a better way or more worthwhile experience. All you have to do is state your intentions and desires and detach from the how and when they manifest.

The same fiber or foundational urges why the behavior of my art work act that way...everything has intention but I let the feeling free-flowing...each image is detached but intentional. 
Now o guess I can see the pattern or the layout of the basic pure thought behind my way of creating pieces....

Now do you wonder why I have lesser strokes or attack of high-blood tensions around my body parts when I'm inside those activities that I love doing? And these unpleasant sensation and illness occur more frequently when I'm here jst sitting down....I worry...friendship can cure...loving energy that I maintain whenever I'm around those people with same interest as I am can cure....altering my state of mind...making me almost spiritual. Needing and wanting nothing more but the moment.


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