My First AAP Contest...

Yesterday I've joined the Art's Association of the Philippines {AAP} on-the-spot contest at Quezon Memorial Circle honestly for the sole purpose of meeting new friends and the ID for membership. Winning was on the sideline although of course I wish a better result at least but I come ill-equipped... I should have just used oil instead of acrylic because when I was there I've realized I don't have enough.... 
Oh no the above was not my entry it was my reaction afterwards here in the work was a big blooper, I can not execute the idea Master J fed to me so after spending more than 3 hours on it, I decided with only 1.5 hours left to scratch it make a new one. One problem was distraction and I came out of focus because the yellow paint isn't good....shhhh it was mixed with pigment for body paint. Hahaha.
Even if I didn't win...I feel that everything is worth it. 

As I've observe there are lots of great young artist rising on the scene. Stiffer competition? Nah! Not means more friends. Which by the way makes me feel so happy for additional friends... 

The Law of Detachment says that in order to successfully attract something, you must be detached to the outcome. If you are attached, you project negative emotions of fear, doubt, or craving which actually attracts the opposite of your desire. You are operating from a position of worry, fear and doubt rather than serenity, trust and faith. Of course there are times when negative emotions are meant to be felt and acted upon, but your dominant emotions should be positive ones.


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