Obando Rediscoveries

Saving money for this trip to Obando,  Bulacan to meet my artist friends...by the way, the first artist that I've really met when I first enter the art scene was Vince Roque and Joselito Jimenez. And since then, still the closest artist friend I had; also with Bro. Edmund Mamuyac (who live in La Union) for which another trip I'm planning, probably next year. I came up front into the art world for the sake of friendship above having connections. 

   Oct 27-28...On the painting above (that guy on the right) is Rolly Alcantara who was fishing some Bangus (milkfish) for our dinner that night, he welcomed me warmly while I was waiting for Vince and Jose to arrive when I took my "just visitation" in Obando. I was so surprised that Sir Rolly has improved a lot on his paintings and can now create human figure...and selling too, making a name of his own. I also admire him as a person, witty and funny all the time. 
   I spent my overnight in Sir Rolly's humble home studio after drinking with Master JJ and Vince. We talk on various things...mostly arts.... and the people therein

    Some of what I've heard was heart-breaking for someone I admired so much... a close friend eaten by the system.

Not sure if I'll finish my work....maybe one day....

The work of Master JJ....


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