A Grand Play

It is because the life that I've chose...no regrets. I'm willing to cross those path that are often thorny and studded with disappointment. I persevere because this is me...the very essence of my existence, the valued gift of The Creator. Thank you Father God for choosing me to play this part.
   Life is filled with Divine Coincidences... some may call it randomly accidental but for me those tiny details form the big picture of a grander plan. 
   Now really am I part of the plan? That piece of a puzzle. I still believe I play an important role. Somehow. Somewhere.
   There's a reason for everything... although sometimes I feel insignificant. Yet, I can not imagine myself not being an artist. 

   I've stopped believing in the Electoral system many years ago, the whole package down to the voting public. 

   Are you sure...really really sure that this nation is ready for a Disciplinarian? Reading the Headlines, I guess this nation deserve the discipline she is asking for. 
Change should come from within, but then again, change is easier said than done.


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