Focus Whatever The Causes and Results

The sidewalk artist that went viral around two months ago had her solo exhibit at A Space Manila gallery in Greenbelt Makati. Her name is Jhalanie Matuan, an Ilongga...and speaking of someone from Bacolod, I've finally met the one I called as my Mother (nanay) in Art, Joan Honoridez there at the above said exhibition. 

Nanay Joan interviewing Jhalanie

with Sunny Candare and Neil Balimbing

   Signs of aging, too early cause i really didn't caution myself, I thought I would be different...and now the realization* once again that I'm just as normal as anybody else. 
another one for June Bride, Ma'am

   Finally able to play Tanki again, a relief since I can't see No purpose on the daily routine despite being Liked, well love and respected....My mind is fragmented and feeling dizzy most of the time...literally. 

   Elijah is now getting the hand of his guitar; he can now play some tunes. Zander is taking his drawing seriously... and quite improving too. 

   It's good to have a purpose driven life....but not all purpose end in success. Setting up goals and plans are good but it is much better if your actions are fail-proof. 

   The more you do actions that lead to success, the more success you experience.

I can still dream, just wait and see.... 


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