Twist on Impressions....

Then here I've finally realized that I'll get more attention as an impressionist....and the reality that there's too many technically better artist than me. On the field of Impressionism especially portraiture, there aren't too many artist able....

Doing these discipline requires understanding first of realism then lots of experiences with color harmony... something that I've used to ignore, although I love to look at Van Gogh-ish work but not on my personal insignia. I always wanted to focus on details...even very tiny details.... yet, now that my eyes and hand can't handle it anymore, I have to give in.... but then again, I will still be doing my symbolic Realizationism these long as I can. 

A place I love to visit when I'm in Pasay City.... 

Elyona's FB was hacked...change the name into Christina Espeleta....she felt really sad and I was furious because of the rare memorable photos kept in them. 


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