The Day

So let's see what we are going to discuss today... as you can see with my latest pieces, I'm reuniting myself with impressionism... after trying all my best to achieve a certain degree of Realism....and Found out I don't have that clarity of vision to do such things and my pulse isn't that steady anymore. 

Those dizziness strikes are becoming frequent, most especially when I bend my head down... and what I fear most of the times is when I'm outside. 

I'm a year older again.... I really have so much to be thankful for.... these freedom to do what I love the most. Thank you for my very understanding wife. My artistry seems to be doing well anyway.... the face-painting on events most especially which keep the chores rolling. 

I request more good health...Now I have to pray for that....something that I've never worry much before. 

Rainy days again...typhoon actually which starts in F.... have been away from the current event these past days, so even the name of this storm or its whereabout I have no real idea. I think I will be enjoying more of this palette knife techniques. I saw one good set of palette knives at Glorietta...

....changing my mind... yet the essences are still there... 

something to divert my attention...can't work yet....a pretty face can always bring back the enthusiasm....

This commission that had been long overdue.... 

As long as GOD is with me, in Christ Jesus name sake, I know there is nothing to be afraid of.... none. 

And she's still there....

God bless everything that my hand will touch.


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