Symptoms and Forming Habits

My sister just arrived, how time flies and I really do miss her now after more than two years.... clouds changes form right before our eyes. Yesterdays came suddenly when we were kids that usually fights a lot. So now, let's just cherish moment.... and soon memories. 

....and here's my ballpen sketch for Kelly and Gina finally had the work of Edmund Mamuyac and pastel by Sir Armar Ramirez

   I do experience different kinds of ailment now.... getting old or poor habit that accumulated after years of intended ignorance. I'm not supernatural after all. 

   We are often told that Practice makes perfect. Why? Because every inch of our body Remember, Retains, and Refine what it constantly do. 
It's the same reason why Bad habit are hard to break. You're not good in watercolor because you have not downloaded the watercolor software in your muscle yet. Downloading info takes time... 
I say: " Form Good Habits and become its Slave."

Back to Fher-losopy 101 again.... I need to Psyche myself.

Reviewing these old watercolor pieces....'cause I seem to have lost the memories.


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