I am at the moment....

 This after noon all of a sudden childhood mem'ries came with a longing emotion jolting in-between. How I wish we could return to them.... as if yesterday was these very moment. Where are my playmates? My crushes? The old street... the old music... the old games.... the old.... 
   I'm going to be a year older this month.   Nothing fancy was on my head.... I want it very simple, I'm not going to talk about it. I want privacy and stay aloof.... on that day. I was thinking of reflecting... where am I right now? 
   I just want to return to my childhood...despite some heartache back then; but everything was so simple long ago. Nothing grand.... just being there at the moment. 

    Here's a caricature piece by Sir Armar...The 4S Elite.... now who would have imagine I've be part of this team? I'm just a nobody when I've join 4S....merely admiring the works of great portraitist. 

FB statuses: 
♫ I never knew what brought me here, as if somebody lead my hand... it seems so hard to understand my course was planned.... ♪ ♪
.... against all odds I left the corporate world more or less six years ago.... I decided to paint again.... The struggle of virtually unknown artist.... and on these series of images I will left on your wall... I hope you don't mind.... if I may ask a favor once again "Please don't stop remembering..." -- Kuya Fher
isang Sentimental statement lang para maalala ko na, noon may isang tindero ng empanada na ngayon nagpapanggap nang Artist. 

God Bless.

Here are my work in progress....

I am at the moment....


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