June is it!

   We're on new season of painting tournament at 4S which started May 20 and will end June 20.... The June Bride contest, where we have to interpret the model/sponsor wearing Asian inspired wedding gown and I've chosen mine as a Thai bride. Pops is giving away his Lumix camera for this event. Yet sadly, I can not attend the awarding and on-the-spot because I was booked that day by Party Bitz for a face-painting gig. 
   There's lots of side events also on Special MC, which I have to salute Pops for being able to pull all these up. Free cellphone load and art materials at stake. No one does it better than Mr. David... his skill on convincing sponsors are quite amazing. 


   There was an 8.5 earthquake that hit Japan the other day....

My albino oscar is acting strange...he was always at the bottom which I suspect could be because of the strangely hot weather. The Red Pacu are doing fine and still very aloof and wild....but they've grown really fast.... each I suppose was now 5-6 inches. All three of them are quite bulky and behaving and looking more like Piranhas. 


FB Post...for the record....
I think Philippine Arts need more Sales Rep than curator. I sometimes doubt if these curator knew exactly what they are doing.... are you there as security guards or what?!!!
Napansin ko lang, although very inviting ang mga gallery with see-through glasses and wide open door, kulang naman sa PR ang mga tao. Ganun ba talaga ang image dapat aloof at reserved dahil mukha namang hindi ka bibili ng paintings? This is the problem why hindi popular ang mga museums at gallery sa Pinas, lalo na sa common tao.
"Pasok kayo libre naman ang tumingin, wag nyo lang hahawakan...kasi sa art, touch move."
Hehehe. Batu-bato sa langgit, tamaan sapul.

And why would it conflict the Christian faith if there were Aliens and UFO? Here we go again, the Fallen are setting up our brain that there is confusion. Elijah the prophet was taken to heaven via UFO. Read 2 kings 2:11...
"As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind."
Angels and Demons were aliens.




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