Be More and More Prayerful

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. -- Ephesians 6:12
That was a quick reply...the key, which I've lost or misplaced was actually just inside me waiting to be re-awaken. Thank God that I still kept links of my favorite sites on my browser so that in these time of wandering I have tools to navigate around. This time the answer came from an unusual site  where conspiracy theorist drop by to learn a thing or two.... it was at Educate Yourself. Although I do not totally agree with everything written on that site , some very refreshing and interesting article had been cleared to me by discovering it sometime ago. One of the best and original site of its own when it comes to  alternative education.

"Bonding" Coffee Art
   Foolish! I've forgotten where the real battle is actually taking place and who are the real enemies. Lately, or much earlier last year I've been sucked into materialism and forgot the salvation and freedom even after learning the real enemies and powers that rule this planet.
   I've relied so much on my own capacity... on my know-hows and skills....everything in this life is about our relationship with God. 
   Illuminated or awaken individual like us is expected to had increase of Demonic and Satanic attack and I've failed to protect myself or strengthen my guard. If you had been a reader of my other blog Wisdom of a Fool; you would know what I'm talking about. 
   Those series of bad luck were demonic and alien attack by nature as I analyse the event that had been. Like for example a brand new camera can not just overheat in one month use even if I've taken every caution as I treat it more like a treasure but then again the damage unrepairable.Why?!!!!.... after months and months of waiting for it to come into my possession. Those cancelled schedule and commission that simply dissolve in thin air. The draining of my energies and the nightmare that almost took my life. Also may I add that even my internet signal was being attacked. 

   So now Father God, I ask the help of hundreds and even billions upon billions of angels to protect me and my family. Cover our house and nearby houses as well in Jesus blood so that enemies can not penetrate our dwellings. Send also these same legions upon legions of Angels wherever we go so that devils will flee at the sight of us coming. All these in Jesus Christ name I pray.  

   This was one of the suggested prayer.... and so I declared something like this....
Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break, crush, sever, smash, dissolve and destroy every curse, spell, psychic prayer and attack put upon me by the originator of this attack in Jesus’ name I pray, amen. In Jesus’ name I break every soul tie, hook, link, attachment, connection and device between myself and the originator of this attack and between the originator of this attack and myself, in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name I bind everything that came into me from these soul ties, hooks, links and connections and I cut you loose from all your assignments, I close all doors open to you and I take away every legal hold and legal ground you have to attack me, in Jesus’ name. In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I break every curse, spell and psychic prayer that made the originator of this attack the way they are. In Jesus’ name, Father I ask you to send as many legions of angels as necessary to bind all demons in the originator of this attack, that give them their power, rank, prestige, wealth, metaphysical abilities and position and I ask you to remove those demons and send them far away, in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name I break, crush and destroy all bonds of mind control and coercion this entity is under and I cancel and void all oaths, contracts and agreements this entity is under, in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask you to free the mind of originator of this attack and allow them choose their destiny without influence of any kind, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen. -- (Read More Here

The Quick Respond Even more....

   Now bad luck was lifted away from me for sure... the respond of My Father God was so instant I could not believe the power of prayer can be that instant. The impact was quite amazing as I analyzed what just occurred....  One, I had new commission and an Art workshop for kids. And it happened as I write this Blog. ♥


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