Guiding Legacy

Sometimes serendipity came from the usual casual things you see at regular basis. Often ignored and seen as mere spice of the main course. These had been taking form in my life now in a glorious manner that is not in wild persistence...but slowly taking shape without me lifting a finger.

Guiding Legacy
18"X12" acrylic on wcp

It was God's hand moving now. Who can stop the tides? 

Oil on Canvas

Let me just whisper for God touch the heart of someone to give me more than the opportunities that I have wished since as I young man.  

An exhibit is up ahead in Cabanatuan City with my own chosen a venue, though I have not personally seen will rival any major event in Manila. Like I have said, a casual walk in life might end you up meeting someone that will change your life forever. Thanks that I trusted my LORD in Heaven.


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