Clearings of the Mind

I feel so pressed on every-side as I look at my studio. I have to start face-painting stuff are untidy and so I need to disinfect them. It's going to be a hectic February just 2 days from now...and tomorrow I'll be on my first leg of parties and events. 

I can't believe I've accumulated this much sketches and art experimentation , not to mention those I've lost from floods and moving. Hopefully this rival already Da Vinci's Codex Arundel, Atlanticus, etc...

As I gathered tons of papers I can't help but analyze each one of them, which must be get rid off...I found very few except dust. Perhaps I will source and compile everything I have written and drawn one of these days or maybe somebody will do this for me in the future. 

It was unforce to focus in many aspirations, it came to me as basic as breathing. I've used to mistaken this as short attention span syndrome and later found out that it was something more complex and probably positive if I know how to organized this sporadic randomness. 



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