On 3rd working day with Sporadic Randomness

Work-in-progress 10.5 X 14.5 (Acrylic)

Sporadic, random, and spontaneous...it characterized my art. It goes with the flow of time, of moment, and most specially feeling. Hopefully out of the 20 Drawing sheets I bought for Php 111.05 I would be able to gather collections that I truly love doing...expressing artwork as me. Fearless and free flowing. 

   I don't like to be dictated by the accepted or popular normal standard when I paint...yet, as I have said before; I need to adapt or else I'll perish.

   I'll tell you a little something about this work...a not so secret technique that I re-invented for myself. The clue is there in the painting itself. The method was actually reminded to me by Edmund Mamuyac, when he showed the works of a renowned Hollywood poster artist...uh I forgot the name. Anyways, it was the use of pencil color to highlight and shades...it soften the crude shadows I don't have to spend hours blending the pigment until I get the right hues and tonal values. 

   As you can see at above picture; the color are vibrant and I could also manipulate the detail. Perhaps the watercolor pencils will be a lot better on this method...so that is my next target purchase. Now I know why Faber-Castell is popular because it actually does the job well unlike other colored pencils which doesn't even write.

   The painting itself tries to express my evolution...and hoping that I would create a series about Sporadic Randomness. Now it has an album title. 


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