Saturday, November 30, 2013

I saw a Vision of Me

I knew it's an important vision when the dream was so vivid.
   I came from a sort of a business trip. I shoulder some of the expenses...a little sacrifice hoping for a big return afterwards. When I was transported after that trip I was a little worried balancing expenses or left-over. Then I  realized, I still have to reimburse P 3,500.00... that was good enough to erase my worries. 
   Then for continuation...I was in this huge place, like I was an employee there...probably a mansion, having an event where guest came. I assisted a huge SUV to park over a rocky hill, standing on unstable ground...the detail of those pebble and rock I remember so well. When I had the glimpse of the person inside, he was someone familiar to me from childhood....but when he came out of the vehicle, he turn out to be Fernando Poe Jr. with make-up to cover blemishes around the eye area. He shake my hands. I was elated....

   Strange dreams but I know it signify something, especially when that dream was this noon. Most of my noon dreams are very vivid and prophetic. 

   I knew it's meaning, I just knew it...silence. 

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