Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Artist Frustrations

PhotoIt's usually the first to get the impact of my moodswings...sometimes it suffers a lot during the process. My Visual manuscripts depict whatever happens to me. My art is me and therefore it reflects most especially on my art journals. 
   Again, just recently...there had been drastic and compulsive changes on these manuscripts. I actually destroyed some of it...from the 12 manuscripts, I trim it down into half...I was frustrated that day. The anger...the angst...the fear...

   Now after regaining my stance...and sanity perhaps, I decided to keep doing these inspite of everything.  

Friday, August 23, 2013

On Fish Series

Before typhoon Labuyo and Maring devasted The Philippine Archipelago I already set up in my mind making collections of small paintings about sea creatures. One in particular that captivate me most are aquarium fishes...I am a fish tank enthusiast so a series about fishes would energize me easier to create without boring myself in the middle... you can see, I get bored painting landscapes so I have very few works about the subject...
   I tried just recently painting flowers and I'm having a hard time polishing my acts...I probably needed more practice on this area.

   This is the first fish portraiture I made for this series....

   It was easily followed by another and another...

Well, I've been including fishes in my earlier artworks and I have always symbolize it on spiritual matters like blessings, bounty, and faith. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sporadic Resonance

The Multi level of my art speaks of my randomness...

I usually jumps from one artworks into another...and now I come to accept that weakness and made it as my strongest point now.  

I never stop rediscovering new avenues....

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The Secrets of GrandMasters

I will never commit the terrible crime of aiming too low. -- Og Mandino

  I hope this post would encourage unravel the wonder within us! 

For now I'll just let my painting speaks for me...I'm preparing for an on-line art  show about Nude so forgive me for now, I didn't mean to crowd you with female anatomies. But I promise it would NOT be would be my tribute to feminity and I had great respect for women and girls.

   Nude painting measures the painter's Artistic level...contrary to conservative view that Nude art satifies only the flesh and defame a person it actually raised it to the highest pedestal of aesthetic value than just mere object of desire. Bringing the human anatomy the utmost respect and appreciation it deserves. 

Forgive us painters, we just can't resist painting something we find beautiful. -FMY
(Plus it's difficult to paint clothes you know.)

   IN fact, I am not in my comfort zone when I paint frontal nudity...

   After that Hyper-realism attempt on Michelle Pfieffer's portrait I have this new verve or zest for consumes more energy and time...but the challenge itself already brings enlightenment. GrandMaster Bueno Silva commented on my work "In the end it's not the's the means."

   The idea to excel beyond what I can do, actually came during my small talks with Grandmaster Jose Tolentino Jimenez...when he said that "lahat naman ng gawa ko sinusubukan ko kung hanggang saan ko kaya; tumitigil lang ako kapag napansin ko sumasama na ang diskarte..." (in all of my works I try to do what I can; I only stop when I saw that its getting ugly) Ohhh I don't know if I translated the essense right...but anyway, that is the big turning point why I decided to re-master painting...painting with the heart and passion of a true master.
   I usually give up easily...thinking I could never duplicate anyway those super-realistic works. Having No formal art education besides that month long workshops at CCP, I thought it's all I can do...I limit myself that I can only settle at what I know...the big mistake all the while was that I didn't try hard enough.

Redefinition of Realizationism 
   Therefore this work will redifines me and measure what my heart can fathom or what my mind can think of. If you look at it, you would probably say that its would probably get some thumbs up already...The satisfaction had been reach...

   But it surprises me that I can actually go further than what I was made to believe...overcoming my fear that I would actually ruin my work if I delve into hyper-realism...

   I know I still have much more to learn in the process...the above work is on-going, and as I've said these will redefine me as a person. 

   Now comparing my earlier approaches...

Therefore I plan to renovate some of my earlier I'm excited in the challenges ahead of me. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Give Us This Day....

"Give us this day our daily bread..."
Acrylic on Paper 12X16 inches
It doesn't happen all the time...I'm full charge, inspired, and in my best artistic sanity. I created three original artworks in less than 24 hours. 

Ala-ala ng Textmate
Acrylic on Paper 12X16 inches

Found an old wood panel...I want to retain its raw this one "Sahog"