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The Heart that Appreciates

When we were younger as little boys and girls, our parents always encourages us to say “thank you” whenever someone give us a gift, or treats, or returning the item we borrowed. As we grow a little older we acquire the habit to show appreciation when some one gave us favor like sharing seats, finishing errands for you, or simply being there beside you during heartaches.    A thankful heart, why is that important?    Most people may have not realized that when we say thank you or show appreciations we are sending “love” energies and thus revitalizing the recipient. The simple principle of give and take is a natural cycle in our planet. The cycle of life, food web, symbiosis, mass equal the force, and so on...lead me to the understanding that what ever you sow that you shall reap. Eastern religion calls it Karma, or as Jesus put it "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you." Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them"…

Answered Prayers via Coincidences

A blend of vivid imagination and intense prayers can actually lead to divine guidance or in laymen’s term coincidences that eventually became answers to our prayer request.     Have you taken a second look or thoroughly consider those past unpaid bills then all of a sudden a call from a distant relatives or a friend visiting you had the exact amount you needed to settle that due? Or while working on a project that you can’t seem to finished for lack of references suddenly you heard someone mentioning the topic and therefore approach that stranger; and after a short conversation she or he happen to be expert on the area you are struggling to finished. One night a television show that you rarely watch featured gardening tips, and then you recall early that same day you mentioned to your spouse that you plan to renovate the garden…    All the above incidences have one thing in common…and that is “coincidence”. Playwright often employs this tactic when they want to present twist on the sto…

Connecting to Divine Source

Previous blogs have discussed about the importance of coincidences or divine guidance in order to reach Realizationism. The process of spiritual awakening taking shape on a steady phase is now bringing us closer to Realizationism.    Once we have recognized an enlightenment taking place we can proceed to its unraveling in our life and benefit more abundantly. Some enlightenment may happen in a shorter period of time as in my case it took many years to take shape or until I finally give in…yet during the process I’m already enjoying its benefits and seeing patterns that are nearly magical but real. I also have this little theory that I need to be confirm base on experience and perhaps I can will the answer to come to the way the theory is, once we lost contact by deliberately  seeking material gain above spiritual growth we will degenerate and needed the process to start all over again--this means we will lost appreciation of real beauty and will lost communication with the divi…


Lately, I've been noticing some spiritual awareness even among those who   consider themselves not so religious, the casual church-goers, and also among  those people preoccupied with secular existences. The world unfolding in our eyes is experiencing a global cleansing. The heighten awareness is being catapulted after recent unusual events; either caused by natural calamity or man-made they are so spectacular like earthquake coupled with tsunami and irregular  weather activities in various part of the world, or the global financial crisis, plus some volatile relationship between nations.
   Although most of these cleansing process may have been tragic there is a positive note taking shape.  Therefore, on this note also I feel the greater need once again to re-introduce Realizationism in your life. 
   There is a sudden Realizationism happening in our midst.How do you know if you are experiencing this process? 
   Many may have had it in the past but simply shrugged it off and contin…

After Image 8.2, Studies and Stretching

I don't recall the last landscape or even seascape that I painted, if ever there is; it would be the usual school projects. I'm disinterested in painting landscapes, it's not that I don't appreciate fact I was always awestruck seeing one. It is just not my forte...I prefer to go into details...close up images of the common things. Things that are abundant only inside my own space. That is perhaps my introversion and the usual choice of isolation.      I had a model here as basis...I'm not including the picture so that I will not give injustice to the original...anyway, I don't intend to copy its every strokes; I remember what Ray Albano said "Avoid copying the works of others, if you do, you have to at least be as good or a lot better." Therefore, I will go beyond the copying which I know can't even level myself but instead will express what I can.    Sun ray casting its invisible light has always baffled those great nature artist …