Connecting to Divine Source

   Previous blogs have discussed about the importance of coincidences or divine guidance in order to reach Realizationism. The process of spiritual awakening taking shape on a steady phase is now bringing us closer to Realizationism.
   Once we have recognized an enlightenment taking place we can proceed to its unraveling in our life and benefit more abundantly. Some enlightenment may happen in a shorter period of time as in my case it took many years to take shape or until I finally give in…yet during the process I’m already enjoying its benefits and seeing patterns that are nearly magical but real. I also have this little theory that I need to be confirm base on experience and perhaps I can will the answer to come to the way the theory is, once we lost contact by deliberately  seeking material gain above spiritual growth we will degenerate and needed the process to start all over again--this means we will lost appreciation of real beauty and will lost communication with the divine source. Although I believe on the consistency of enlightenment...some process are halted because of secular pitfalls. 
   Now let us return to our destiny unfolding. Newly born in Spirit we will need nourishment from Spiritual milk in order to grow. I have pointed out the importance of meditation...on the word of God and so once again I advise 
   More often our career path is the first touch-point of these manifestations. This because we have already molded a mindset that is always relative to material gain or subconscious therefore interpret spiritual blessing in terms of our priorities…as we mature spiritually this guidance, will eventually be leading us to the very purpose of why we are createdThe more we became aware of this reality the faster it will take effect in our life.
   I've also mentioned that literally passing through fire is almost unavoidable to align our preoccupied mind to this eye-opener. Smoldering, pounding, twisting, and even humiliation is necessary to evolve from becoming just a mere flesh and bone but a living soul as well (Genesis 2:7). Returning to the original fabric we are created.
7 Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
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   Although most of us may resent the process by which God teaches us valuable lessons, we must also acknowledge that this is done to refine our character. You have to put to mind how a diamond was being created from a chunk of coal.
   Because during the times of our distress; God inject some of the greatest lessons in our life.
   Which do you prefer a diamond or a coal?
   Once we settle down after some numbing experience and seek our inner self we can evaluate our positions from where we stand. Focusing MORE on the outward appearance of circumstances will lead us to frustrations. Searching for answers from places we have no direct influences can be frustrating But if we stay connected with our spiritual nature we are more likely to received spiritual answer. My method on this process is creating Visual Manuscripts, if you feel you can't express yourself in words, you can do what I do...doodle images and even employing collage to retain the energy of the object that affect me during self-searching.
   I feel there is a need to reiterate the importance of "coincidences" to fully enjoy The Art of Realizationism.
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