Everything seems to be degenerating before our eyes, from the establishment, news media, to motion pictures, to literature, to visual art, to education, to male-female relations.
     With that observation in mind, what was the role an artist play in this chaotic upheaval? First, let us dissect Art into diverse areas, to understand the root cause of the problem. What would be the first question? What is an art?
     Does an artwork need to reflect life or does life reflect art? Art normally falls on the reactive position, meaning an artwork usually describe the situation and at times suggest or direct possible solution. Music usually begins from an inspiration, like being in love and or from desperation in some cases. While, I do agree that certain artistic creation can inject new ideas, it has to start somewhere or it can not come out from nothing.
     So to blame artistic expressions (which were often used as alibi) for the decline of certain virtues or morale would be an unfair conclusion. The big question would be is “Does the artist a responsible unit of societal deterioration?”
     Therefore it is plausible that a well-intent artist with normal social stature can be a very dynamic agent of evil. I believed ideas have consequences, and that reminds me of Spider-man, “Great power, comes great responsibilities.”   Let me further stress that it is an enormous responsibility. 


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