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Everything seems to be degenerating before our eyes, from the establishment, news media, to motion pictures, to literature, to visual art, to education, to male-female relations.      With that observation in mind, what was the role an artist play in this chaotic upheaval? First, let us dissect Art into diverse areas, to understand the root cause of the problem. What would be the first question? What is an art?      Does an artwork need to reflect life or does life reflect art? Art normally falls on the reactive position, meaning an artwork usually describe the situation and at times suggest or direct possible solution. Music usually begins from an inspiration, like being in love and or from desperation in some cases. While, I do agree that certain artistic creation can inject new ideas, it has to start somewhere or it can not come out from nothing.      So to blame artistic expressions (which were often used as alibi) for the decline of certain virtues or morale would be a…


Last year I had very few individual work and would normally just add few item on my visual journal. The reason mainly was my busy schedule as Administrative Supervisor and the job would drain a lot of my energies.     When my job ended I took the oath to truly focus on my art. It was followed by series of blog sites to promote my art, especially The Art of Realizationism. In the process I also created an art group that I simply name Art Lover on, these evolve into the creation of Tagged ArtLover Gallery     One of the piece that started to re-focus my direction back into my art is this piece. This work received many great praises especially from fellow artist and even from total strangers.

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Election Aftermath and An Art Work...

 Finally the election is over....I've been busy campaigning for Bro. Eddie Villanueva. Sadly my candidate didn't make it and rank only 5th place. Sadly he was not given a change to prove his worth. response to the said exercise of suffrage, I was able to create a work today. It has no title yet. Basically it is about the attitude of Filipinos in choosing a leader. They go for name recall and didn't take seriously to truly study the candidates. Well, this is evident among the leading senatorial or local officials who actually didn't perform, incompetent and sadly even corrupt. Like for instance Gloria...

  Well just observe the sad rendition of my work...