The Art?

     First of all this art form is an experience. The experience of the mind, body, and spirit. It is therefore impossible to achieve overnight but a continuous process of learning and unlearning. The painting styles does not strict itself on any areas of execution nor methodologies. It is a whole concept or ideas that deals with the behavior on how the artist correlate with his works....which sustains itself thru evolutions.
     There is an exchange of energy between the artist and his works. Unlike any other painting style like impressionism, cubism, surrealism among others, Realizationism on the other hand embraces any medium of execution but in a more satisfying approach to Art.

    This ''art experience'' does not limit itself on the aesthetic value but extend toward spiritual level of awakening.

     Coined from the word 'realization' it is therefore an art piece that resulted from or out of experiential understanding of the inner self and with certain aim to make its viewer realized the essence or purpose of that understanding.

Fragmented Thoughts, Acrylic on Paper...the first of Random Fragment series...

My Visual Manuscripts


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