How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife

I was absorb the whole day rereading a book that once inspired me to write. First read it when I was in High-school as part of our English class literature material. Manuel E. Arguilla to me has remained one of those Filipino wordsmith that has used English as if it were a Philippine dialect. 

 And back in College I was able to acquire this First edition 1940 Collections of his short-stories.... it was that time when the so called modern era we now experience was slowly  seeping in....yet there was that simplicity...the raw and rugged imagery....something that I barely knew and experience.

   The journey to life isn't a walk in the park. Memories flooded from a half remembered past. Vivid carelessness which focuses on scamp details. 

Would be releasing a bolder-braver-more open red-pill giver person soon. It has to be, it must be done...time draws near.

Better gear-up, the release and unleash is almost here.  

Non-conformist to the system due to conscience and to stand up for what you boundaries that limit where to go...only within the norm...mostly conservative with a bit of liberalism in the sense that you does not hermitage your self without humor....anyways, as I was saying, would you still be allowed to flourish as a creative individual...compensated fairly or get promoted?  

 Some of the words may not actually mean to you now...but it will. Does anyone still read. I trust there will...people would be searching...for they knew something wrong is going. 
   There will be individual would Care...late awakens. Their last chance...


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