Image may contain: 3 peopleI haven't posted for quite sometimes 'coz I was a little busy and I haven't got much time waiting for Bloggers' very slow loading time...
They said my painting had improve dramatically...maybe because I level up my excellence level. I don't easily give up.... and the Verdaccio underpainting technique is helping me a lot. 
A good advise also came from a friend who said that when I already notice a slight mistake I should stop and never continue anymore. 
It helps really to be hurt. 

I spend more time LOOKING now than the actual painting act. Precision at every step of the avoid bigger damage later. I guess I'm more dedicated now but really lesser quantity of work. 

We better be much unusual things are taking place in this world. There were even more frequent earthquakes lately... 

Anyway, I can not just stop just like that...I can still hope even if not really expecting anymore. We had an exhibit coming up this Monday...

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There's still the regular Monday Session at Art-Kai 

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