The Inherent Software

Collective Manifestation series #5 
 draft title: internal reconfiguration 
18" X 12" oil on paper 
status: in-progress

God has encoded in our heart a software called FREEWILL. This app enable as to chose between Right and Wrong.
You don't need an additional port to plug the USB of Religion. Most of their Downloads are infected with Virus.
You can run the Scripture Scanner to check what they Teach.
Clean your system. Read The Holy can be downloaded with the help of Holy Spirit, asked and it shall be given. Free. 

....and there is another application in our system which most of us had neglected to is the software called WISDOM.... many people thought we need an Extra Special Processor (ESP) to  be compatible and keep it running...but actually knowing its Generic name will keep you going. WISDOM is simply Common Sense.
Those unnecessary/necessary download of Society and Educational system  had mounted over this app that we have forgotten how to use it.... Don't worry our Experience will tell us what to Delete later in life.  BUT the sad part though is that some can be very infected with junk files and in the long run failure to defragment these files using The Word (of God) processor could lead to total collapse. 
Check your Common Sense now, no need for regular is Wisdom. It has been there long before Science enters your Hard-Drive. The Old Computer knew these....they had to be Born-Again in Spirit and in Truth.


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