Art, The Language of Emotions

My mentor, Arnel Agawin....

You have to LEARN the language of Art...through your FEELINGS...not in words but by conversations of EMOTIONS. 
That's how I approach Art like a Living Soul....for truly Great emotions were POURED to create one. -- Fher Mission Ymas 

Waiting for that one Giant opportunity....The BIG break, so to speak! It could materialized any moment or expect something from a futile effort. I need a unified response to both situation. I have to recreate or create a thought patterns that wont leave me off guard. 
   I now move on my own extravagant vanities that may imperil my relationship with other people especially my family. 
   I'm getting older....
   I've poured too much emotions love and passions in my art, even prioritized it more than my love ones. I cried.... for my children.... hoping that my art could support them too. 

   Got my Ticket to Manila Art 2016.....Yessss!!!! Just being there, on this very Private event only for the elite, so they say.... I was invited by the way by Dr. Jocelyn Josefa is good to have connections and just being there on this prestigious event could boost the vanity meter. More so if I'm a participating artist...maybe next year. 

   Could have been the best President we never had....Meriam Defensor-Santiago. I like her no matter what they say. But it wasn't like that during the first time she ran for president. You just have to understand people to appreciate their worth. 

Visited Trans-Wing Gallery to watch fellow artist during their still-life sessions or just to be there and have an appearance in the art scenes.

Remember that, no matter where you go....
There you are! 


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