Can We Break Design Principle?

"Many of the design principle we follow arises out of Gestalt theory...." 

   Poet may sometimes misspell words to stress a point; likewise painter would distort image to represent movement. These are what we call Poetic or Artistic license. But Newbies can not just claim nor acquire instantly this license because you will miss the point of Artistic or Design Principles.
   Personally before I dabble into the art of impressionism, I painstakingly have to learn how to draw or color realistically.  I've learned thru time that by understanding the basics you can gradually explore more complex technique with greater ease. You must train your eyes first to see form, balance, texture, volume, dimension etcetera so much so that you can come up with a "Unified Whole" ....

   It is said that when creating art we simply have to follow our heart....But there are proven designs and artistic principle that could make your work more appealing and to get your message across more easily....because the general public were already accustomed to these principles.  

Can we break the design principle? 
Yes. but most likely the common eyes plus sets of cultural beliefs would generally reject your creation. Yet, don't despair "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ☺
All is fair in Art. 


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