Once Upon A Time There Was a FisHER part 1

I was thinking of organizing my artworks into a listing of catalog since last night...and while on the process of gathering my things I've found my artist journal "The Testament of Fisher" it begun on September 7, 1989, where mostly a recollections of things I have written from my workshop days at CCP and my campus life at PNC from 1985 to 1987. Perhaps I was around this time working as a waiter at Bakahan at Manukan Restaurant in Roxas Blvd....
   I have written on this blog some of the item therein but anyway, maybe I could re-write some of the articles for record purposes...and for my internalization as well. 
   So let me try to dissect my own biography.

"I let things happen out of nothingness"
   This piece of notebook was a concise rendering of my diaries, I think I have around 13 other diaries on daily basis which I begun to form since High School. Most of these Testaments are ruined by flooding ever since we had Milenyo, Ondoy and so forth. Aside from giving information on my artistic life, these collections also aims to inspire budding artist...it was an ambitious act thinking I would be someone important someday...perhaps almost similar to Da Vinci's Codexes. 
   Am I re-writing this because I'm regaining or rediscovering new hope on my artistry? Well as you can see not so long ago I lost that vision and those dreams faded along the road to life. I told someone that I will just consume all the paint that I've purchased then end of career...probably I would divert into business etcetera. 

 One thing you will notice that I'm dead serious when it comes to artistic path...I consume a lot of effort with these diaries and visual manuscripts. With same characteristic as my Art Journals; this chronicle was done in random whether in prose form, in phrases, story-telling, poetry, or anything that catches my attention at the moment of writing. All of these were written in Pasay City. 

   The first stop of the story-telling begun on its first chapter: The Roots, a summary of what happened during that fateful day when my mother hammered my hand...then The Birthplace which is of course all about the Visual Art workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1985. Then the searching, learning, and sharing phases at Philippine Normal College.

On Christ Call
   Two of the most important institutions in my life are PNC and CCP. These are the two places that honed me as a persons. Thanks to all my mentors and friends. But on Spiritual side it was Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and thus become Born-Again as the real basis of my worldviews and therefore this translate within my artistry.
   This aspect need special mention since here is the center of my artistry (uhhh remind me that) that I wish and pray to be known.

The Backslider

    Yet this one subsided too after years of hassling and traps. It was not necessarily about the material world where I backslide but on the carnal side. Night clubs, womanizing, drunkenness and so forth...family problems which created a deep impact that I still deny to ever happened within my parents. All become a masked renditions that still echo within my drawings. This lead me into relationships after relationship breaking me slowly at the end of the day.
I stared at this wall before...
   Then one day, I found myself looking in the mirror and found nothingness. I have to do something...kneel and prayed with tears in my eyes. God was merciful to accept me back in His arms.

The Art of Realizationism
   All these debilitating experiences re-awaken my artistry. The once dying art was transformed into a personal evaluation. Capturing life's lesson as they came...the random images from an honest reflections as I see the world around me. 

   These Realizationism path was hindered or was occasionally halted due to my corporate obligation as an employee. 

   Thanks to worldwide web, I was able to make a comeback when I started Tagged ArtLover Group

    By stroke of fate thru my Ate Fe, I discover a new career in face-painting for Parties and events.
    Probably, I was inside the circle already when I became an Admin at Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society late last year of 2013. 

   My first ever real exhibit at Cabanatuan City was sort of a milestone too. The last time I joined a group show was when I was in College and this is a comeback with few setbacks. 
   ...and here I am still struggling to make it inside. 



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