Days of Wanderings

A work in progress.... 

Turning nostalgic once again....looking back and archiving my early works. I miss my early works and wonder where are they now? It's uncertain really that anyone from my colleague in PNC had actually kept them. What I had are bits and pieces I've incorporated and pasted on my Visual Manuscripts.... I had not really taken good care of those works which somehow some are gone due to travels.   

    Here are some of my self-searching works after I had my scholarship at Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1985... these are collages of those early experimentations.
   Thanks to Dra. L. C. Gloria, Madam Imelda Marcos, National Artist Lukrecia Kasilag, my mentors Arnel Agawin, Rodel Peña, R De Leon, Rey Albano...


Emily Loren 1985 grin emoticon
My very first figure painting in watercolor 

"After Shower"
1993 Watercolor

   I was far more serious artist before... not until I was sucked in to workers life. The daily realities have eaten my idealism. The drastic call was a blessing in disguised after all. 

© Fher 


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