Coffee Cheers

This coffee painting won 1st place for special MC.

   Winning at last.... Although this just not a major prize at 4S I feel that this is lifting some of my lonely heart. There were some disappointment these past days....some upsetting circumstances....
   Now I've learned not to expect anymore. I'll just do the best I can...silently but never losing hope. The reality is it always hurt...anything can turn upside down...until it materialized we can never tell.
   This post should have been teeming with cheers...but sadly, I can not smile at this very moment....This blog is long overdue, in fact there are lots of draft that perhaps might not be shown at all. 

   I want to look ahead for the year....The expectation of Japan promotions....the world is big enough for a little old me. 


  1. Congratulations! Where do you get all your inspirations ARTner? I've come across your post and know that even if I'm not so visible, I always keep myself updated. I pray for your intentions ~ I still have a year full of commitments but I have, as I told you, took my pencils again to draw. I pray that your disappointments will turn into joy soon ~ maybe just waiting for you to ripen up more a bit. Courage!


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