Monday, December 15, 2014

Coffee Cheers

This coffee painting won 1st place for special MC.

   Winning at last.... Although this just not a major prize at 4S I feel that this is lifting some of my lonely heart. There were some disappointment these past days....some upsetting circumstances....
   Now I've learned not to expect anymore. I'll just do the best I can...silently but never losing hope. The reality is it always hurt...anything can turn upside down...until it materialized we can never tell.
   This post should have been teeming with cheers...but sadly, I can not smile at this very moment....This blog is long overdue, in fact there are lots of draft that perhaps might not be shown at all. 

   I want to look ahead for the year....The expectation of Japan promotions....the world is big enough for a little old me. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Activity Log

It's good to be praised by whom all man praise.

Portrait detail for my entry
on Rakistang Sirena
Been into high and lows with my art life. Sometimes I feel that this passion was all about my self and wasteful consumption of precious energy. Yet of course I would do art even for nothing.... but then again I have to survive and provide. To thrive even in a tiny space of my own. 
   In spite of the praises and good reviews, people are unaware that I'm not feeling so well with my career path. My FB peers had been very supportive of me. I was highly regarded and perhaps already carving a name on the Art scene in my own little ways. 

I guess I was just not being grateful....I can not itemized what I really wish for myself. I used to know a distinct direction during my younger days. I was recently promoted by Sir Pops as Operation Manager of 4S... well, just another title. There are great vision ahead of 4S anyway...merging with a Japanese company will bring me to my dream land. I guess this will open my market for international scene. 

Some values have to adapt or face extinctions....I guess I've expected too much....people look for art that speaks for them, pieces that represent the general mindset. But I can not like anything with Santa Claus on it. Everything was just a matter of taste and preferences. Sometimes situation and material assets dictates the results. Foolish enough not to invest on future plans. 

My Horse's Eye # 3 has found it's home....

   But God is always faithful...He never left me in spite of my indecisions now. I had been inactive in Church services, not really because I'm too busy with face-painting gigs but I'm kinda doubtful now on JIL path for its people. Maybe a need a new church.... 

Here's what I've written on Facebook...
I guess I have to explain this all over again, because people might thought that I've come to embrace the label Master and it has gotten to my head already when in fact I am no master nor had taken anyone as slave I am even learning with my apprentices or a mutual learning experience.... so I always believe we are co-equal.
But I have taken to accept it (in fact ignore) 'coz even if I told them not to call me Master or Idol (that is idolatry anyway), they would still attach that whenever they comment. People would sometimes feel bad when you reject their compliments.... and by the way, not everyone are called that way, even if they are superbly Good artisan... So, I've come to realized that the word Master is more of a Terms of Endearment than an actual symbol for authority. Again, these friends of mine are most of the times better than me.
Then my mentor told me: "People want to call you master because they want to be part of your life." and I guess that's being sweet.
Oh it hurts to explain these...because I don't want to sound Proud and at the same time Hurt my colleague in the process.
(This message goes to my kids anyway, they sometimes wonder why I was called Master . Because they have seen the process of how frustrated I was at times when my hands can not execute what I have in mind. Toinkz! )

Happenstance and Wasabi at Fred's Gallery in Baguio City

Isn't it nice to be praised by whom all men praise?
Lord Jesus, I hope my voice is a sweet gentle sound in your ear.