The Law of Uncertainties

Don't think about success. Don't think about failure. Just persist!!!! 

Perhaps this deeper knowledge about world religion clog my desire to go on a Sunday service....There is too much awful stuff going on in almost every Churches in this planet. Ev'ryone is a mistake. Well, realizing there is really nothing perfect since corruption came into scene.... at least I have to be part of something worthy. 

The truth is Jesus Christ. No one can come to the Father except thru him. 

Stagnant once again....the zest and enthusiasm for life is vanishing once more...even if there were pure little joys that smiled along the way. 

Hardwork and Talent will not guarantee success. And that's a fact. One must have the skill for LUCK. And some guys have all the luck...

I really can not understand what's going in my life right now....No flowers blooming..... my thoughts are once again in fragment and senseless....

Be very very good and work very very hard that no one can ignore you. 
at least my work has reach Hanover, Germany 


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