Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More on this verdaccio to embrace it as mine....

In Search of The Masters Touch

Fher Ymas

Gotta Move On....

No need to bask in depression...I can still express myself anyway...

Don't know where this painting will lead me or how it will come out. I just let the feeling go. I now had a name for this work and I call this " The Multiple Exposure Project Amidst The Movement of Time" at 33" x 34" 

Zest for Life

Perhaps, I wasn't really meant for all of these...I was just too hot headed and stubborn....
   I can't pray anymore. Nor I don't know exactly what to pray. 

   I need to regain the zest for life. 

   Can somebody lift this burden off my chest? These summer heat brings me to melancholy.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Fluctuations of An Artist

It's okay to be a struggling artist, what I fear is becoming a starving artist.  
   The only thing I know that I am capable of doing well isn't that stable. I better think of real job. What job? I way pass the hiring age now to be employed. As a self-employed by the way, I've tried various business main source of income isn't my art after all. 
   Yet, I don't want to work in a company any more...I've been there; done this and that. The bureaucracy isn't my turf. 

   You need to be happy at what you are doing...what if I'm not happy with my art anymore? Sometimes I feel it is not worth it....all this consuming passion is drained..withering.  

   I have to find ways and means to solve my financial issues and happiness factor....  perhaps making this miniature piece would at least sustain me. With regards to this stuff.... I was sad I can not fully express what I want to create. Making art that would guaranteed sale is kinda rudimentary and lessen the value of my work.  Yet my family need to survive and I have bills too. 
   Well there are party events occasionally where I was hired to paint faces. I'm fulfilled in that area.... for how long? 
    Commissions and portraiture? 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Re-acquaintance to a Son and a Burn Out Heart

Days were gloomy for me these past days....the chain of event and the summer heat can make one really down. Some of my expectations wane. Things not working properly on my heart...and hope almost burn out. 

It seems I am losing my touch...there was no life even on simple sketches...

   Meeting my first born son to Julie Cariño was unexpected. It was a mix feeling that I can not speak for now. We meet... Zander, 18 years old and he requested me to sketch this girl....