Come Twenty Fourteen

So many beautiful promises ahead of me....after the many hurdles I've been through since I left Print Town; I can now claim my victory. Most of the times unemployed yet able to survive and even enjoy the benefit of the good provider. 
Sometimes I feel I've return to being a scamp, worthless and irresponsible ... This time i want to prove that I've taken the right choice. I was born for these: An Artist.
   Those nagging questions why I'm gifted with this talent is now being answered. 

What is it about New York as my destination that seems to be the direction of my path as an artisan? How about the European promises that was laid before I left college? Also I'm now also building an audience share in Germany. 

Most items I expected last year were false alarm...but sometimes you have to think that it already happened to claim the fulfillment in your life. I've cling onto wrong directions too...and bypass the choices of divine directions. 

Lord, wherever I may be... please don't leave me.

Greater things can only happen if I work toward that path....and to keep the Faith alive to The Living God. Human promises fail so I only put my trust to God the Father. Let HIS will be done. Consulting God should be my first choice whatever jump in front of me. 

I've travel this far to give up...I've been through the toughest obstacle of being a freelance artist so I believe it would be easier now. I've fitted myself inside somehow.

When midnight strikes before 1014 I lead the prayer of blessings for my family. 

I will never commit the terrible crime of aiming too low. 


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