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Step by Step Michelle

Michelle Pfeiffer 12X18 inches in Acrylic

My Self-Search Years as an Artist part 1

July 10th added another year in my life...
   Poetry on my artworks appeared during my PNC- CELEC years (circa 1985-87). I've often included lines or verses on almost each and every artworks that I've created during those years. Some are directly written on the work itself or at the back of each piece. It was my most prosperous years as an artist as I've been very prolific then, creating an artwork each day or even turning up to 5 pieces per day.
   I was so full of hope then, vibrant and youthful....

   I've always wanted to impart a little story on them. "The words beneath each colors and shapes"  had been my unofficial tagline then; as well as Proverbs 16:3 "Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established."   I was also somewhat of a philosopher during those years. Perhaps that is always the case if you are still self-searching. Exploring the truths and even trying to unravel the meaning of life. 
 The very first visual manuscript…

Glitch: An Artistic Parody


Nudist at Work

Nudist At Work 12 X 18 Acrylic

Stormy Eyes


Back To MySelf

After doing series of nude painting these past weeks I have to move on and do what I gotta do...I can not allow myself to bask in loneliness. Aha! That's right I paint beautiful women when my world is in its dark phases. It eases me and gave me some sort of relaxation when I paint pretty faces...not necessarily in their bareskin.
   I've been on hold, as I've said as an artist....the impressionist strokes isn't you've seen on my previous post...This time around I'm painting again with brand new vitality...nearly similar from my youthful years.
    I would be discussing all of these brand new works in detail...hopefully on next issue.